About Us

We are, by heart, committed serve you the original taste of Kathiyawadi & all type of Gujarati food, where cooks typically use rich spices and aromatic herbs to transform intricate conjurations of vegetables, lentils, and rice into tasty meals. Customer satisfaction is prior to us so we want to pave our way to your heart through your stomach.

Heartly welcome to "Giriraj Kathiyawadi Bhojanalay"

We are in this hotel business from last 10 years and serving kathiyawadi food in southern part of Gujarat giving an absolute satisfaction in Taste, Quality and Services of food. We strongly believe in providing Taste, Quality, Quantity & Service to our customers. Of course, your suggestions from time to time has played vital role in our continuous improvement. A place where you can come with family and friends and enjoy the freshly prepared food from our kitchen.